2009 | King Abdullah Financial District, Landscape Design

King Abdullah Financial District  KAFD ; will be one of the major global financial centers in the world, and the Middle East's first financial district on  a scale, and of regulatory and technological standards

The site is 1.6 million square metres and the development will have floor space of over 3 million square metres


Beside it role as the leading financial centre, it will feature a large-scale and variety of “green” initiatives,  therefore In  2009 Ashbelya along with it is international partner was commissioned to prepare final design and tender documents for the Wadi and Attractor Plazas for KAFD


The Wadi was intended to enhance the location of the Financial District as the centre of Arriyadh, and provides space for the integration of the parts of the site. The Attractor Plazas form an extension to the Wadi as well creating destination places for pedestrians. The Wadi is connected to the Park with the use of portals providing facilities in the form of restaurant/ cafeteria and monorail stations.